Patrick Browne


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Ensure that the Recreation Centre committee executes its duties in line with the obligations as set out in its constitution and in accordance with the requirements of the Charity Commission.

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Richard Bartram

Fund Raising

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Alan Bartlett


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Keep an overview of the finances of the Recreation Centre and ensure its financial stability

Ensure proper financial records are maintained

Have historic financial data records available

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Andy Finnie

Hall Manager

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Deal with bookings for the Rec Hall and Recreation Field and send out invoices

Deal with any maintenance issues of the services at the Rec

Ensure that the invoices for services are accurate

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David Slann

Tennis Club Representative

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Represent the interests of the Tennis Club

Act as go-between the Tennis Club and the Recreation Centre committee

Liaise between the Tennis Club members and the Recreation Centre committee

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James Bradley

Parish Council Representative

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Formally communicate all relevant matters between the Parish Council and the Recreation Centre Committee

Disseminate relevant information from the Recreation Centre to the local community

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  • Emergency Contact
  • Camping Prohibited

  • Jubilee Room